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Dyson Full Kit 
17th-Sep-2008 03:08 pm
evil house work
I think my Dyson is the DC 07 model. But I'm not sure. I purchased it at Sam's Club 4 years ago and I still think this is the greatest vacuum ever invented. I decided to write this review because I was online looking for the best way to clean the cylinder out and saw a lot of negative reviews about the vacuum.

My Dyson is 4 years old, has been moved across country more than once, been a toy for small boys, unfortunately used to clean up plaster dust, used to vacuum a golden retriever and is still working better than any other vacuum I've ever had. I inadvertantly vacuumed up markers, marbles, legos, gi joes, pennies, paper clips, rubber bands and who knows what else. I have had no problems with the motor. I have had the hoses and tubes clogged before, but most parts come off, and easily at that, so it hasn't been a problem getting any clogs unclogged.

The Dyson is a little high maintenance because it does require being cleaned regularly. The small motor filter should be washed at least once a month, if not more often. I have never cleaned the honeycomb, cylinder part of it yet, but I know that should also be cleaned regularly.

As one of the reviewers said, "if you take care of her, she will take care of you".

ETA: I would rate this 9 out of 10 stars. I didn't give it the full 10 just because it is a little more maintenance than most vacuums.
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